Our maintenance programs are affordable and we make sure that quality service is given to our clients. The professionals maintain high discipline while working and are punctilious in their working methods…Read More.


Our restoration services are offered by professionals who buckle down at each and every step to give 100% satisfaction to our clients. Restoration services are offered at lobby, walls, bathroom e.t.c…Read More


You just cannot know when your marble flooring can need a repair as accidents happen without prior information. A scratch from furniture shifting etc. can break your heart and destroy the whole beauty of your marble…Read More


We have options even here! We are not restricted to get your marble polished and then done with. We provide types of finishing and our clients can choose the one they desire. like honing, polished, high honed, high polished… Read More


With over 15 years experience and real focus on customer satisfaction, you can rely on us for your next stone restoration project. We provide a professional service for private and commercial customers.

    • Graffiti Removal

      We provide graffiti removal by using the process of pressure washing. Pressure washing is preferred by us because this method is less abrasive.

    • Honing

      It is a level up in the restoration process where an industrial diamonds are used to bring more shine to the finished surface of marble.

    • Polished

      Polishing is a simple method of finishing by which the stains and dirt existing on your marble are removed and cleaned thoroughly.

    • Power Washing

      Power washing is not a thing to be done once in a while. It should be done periodically to reduce the damage which is caused on the outer surface of your marble due to the exposure it gets…

    • Re-Grouting

      In re-grouting, the old grout is removed and the new one is filled. The excess grout is removed with a paper towel or a clean cloth to give a perfect look.

    • Sealing

      Sealing is a pro-active step to ensure that the value and beauty of your marble/granite remain for long. It prevents watermarks and other mild marks which get accumulated on the surface and maintains the clarity…

    • Stains Removal

      Removal of stains is done by using a chemical called poultice. In case stain is hard and poultice does not work, we put the method of honing and get the stains removed.

    • Tile Replacement

      Tile replacement is done in rarest of rare cases as granite and marbles have ample room for repairing process. In case they are broken, then they are replaced. It is done in such a method that one cannot find a difference…



We have given services in all parts of a house. Be it kitchen, living room, washroom etc. The views and feedbacks of our clients are literally the songs of praise. We are here to give solutions to all your problems regarding marble and granite and make sure that they remain new forever.

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